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COVID-19 has challenged our healthcare industry in profound ways that have never been seen before.  The stories and images from the frontlines remind us of the heartbreaking loss AND breakthrough moments of inspiration.  Caregivers and healthcare as a whole deserves the spotlight for the selflessness, compassion and extraordinary efforts by so many.

“Our healthcare supply chain provides the supplies, which supply the hands” (Vance Moore)

Healthcare supply chain has often been in a different type of spotlight throughout COVID, with the PPE crisis and equipment shortages capturing national attention and triggering government interventions.  The pressure has been relentless, and supply chain has already transformed itself in many meaningful ways. 

Dedicated professionals throughout the healthcare supply chain have been quietly saving lives, accelerating innovation, collaborating with each other, and giving every waking hour to this cause for many months.

During times of struggle, we have an understandable tendency to defer recognition, especially when so many caregivers and patients are suffering so significantly on our front lines.  However, recognition itself is the fuel our supply chain needs at this critical time to continue to make these heroic efforts into the foreseeable future.


We intend to create a culture of celebration across healthcare supply chain highlighting those heroes that are driving change, having an impact, and advancing patient care.

We will initially recognize the extraordinary efforts of the many individuals or teams who have stabilized and improved our healthcare supply chain throughout this COVID-19 crisis.  This industry-wide recognition program is intended to endure beyond COVID-19. 


The initial award recipients will occur in the second quarter of 2021 partnering with leading healthcare conferences and associations in order to have these awards presented live whenever possible.  As an example, we hope to acknowledge dedicated professionals during events such as AORN, AHRMM, FAH, HSCA, the IDN Summit, and other national platforms. 

The goal is to discover the many untold stories of courage and innovation, of individuals, teams or organizations who are often underrepresented in our national supply chain forums.  Therefore, we will each need to get creative in our outreach efforts to expand and deepen our collective communities. 



Provider Recognition

Supplier Recognition


Individuals or teams in the supply chain function, or directly contributing to supply chain activities including clinicians, logistics and operations, purchasing, contracting, data analysts, etc.

Individuals or teams contributing to the success of the healthcare supply chain

Eligible Organizations

Healthcare providers settings include:

  • Acute
  • Non-acute
  • ASC
  • LTC
  • Home Health
  • Healthcare manufacturers
  • Non-healthcare manufacturers contributing to healthcare (think Ford)
  • Tech & Solution Providers
  • Professional Services Companies
  • Distributors
  • GPOs

Recognition Frequency

Spring and Fall, beginning Q2 2021

This committee may choose to change frequency based on volume of nominations

Recognition Format

Recognize the recipients on stage at major industry conference AND extend recognition through our various media outlets

Note: Physical awards deferred until first major industry conference in 2021

Additional details:

  • Individual does not need to be in same role or at the same organization at the time of their recognition and award.
  • This program is GPO-agnostic, meaning the individual does not need to be part of any specific GPO member organization to qualify.
  • This program is trade association-agnostic, meaning the individual does not need to be an active member of any professional organization to qualify.

Nomination Procedure/Selection Process

Provider and Supplier committee members will independently review nominations and score submissions based upon established criteria weighting. Scoring will be compiled and total average scores calculated. Committee members will review scoring results and select award recipient.

Winner Notification

Committee leader will notify the individual/teams of award selection with an accompanying letter sent to the organization’s CEO.


Chaun Powell, Premier (Co-Chair)
Joe Walsh, Supply Chain Sherpas (Co-Chair)
Kerry Price, FAH
Mike Schiller, AHA, AHRMM

Nancy Anderson, SMI
Khatereh Calleja, HSCA
Raymond Davis, UHS
Joey Dickson, HealthTrust
Nelson Hendry, HCP
Elizabeth Hilla, HIDA
John Kelly, IDN Summit & Bluegrass Media
Todd Larkin, Intalere
Vicky Lyle, Professional Women in Healthcare
Tom Mittelstadt, Beckman Coulter
Ken Murawski, Healthcare Links
John Pritchard, ANAE
Margaret Steel, Vizient
Kevin Stout, MedSC
Jennifer Taylor, UHS
W. Hays Waldrop, IHES